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Quote1.png Slay mine own Son - with three-pointed Gungnir?! Nay! Let the Skies above me tremble - the Mountains shake with Rage - I'll not slay mine only Bloodson again! Not again!! Quote2.png

Appearing in "If an Eye Offend Thee...!"

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Synopsis for "If an Eye Offend Thee...!"

Odin is poised above Thor, and is about to kill him, when is overcome. He screams that he'll not kill his son again, and hurls Gungnir away. Thor asks Odin what he meant by "again". Odin tells him a riddle about an eye, and leaves it at that. Odin then retrieves Gungnir and leaves, leaving the Eternals and Olympians to continue the battle if they want. Zeus then gathers his armies and leaves back to Olympus. Zuras returns to his people to tend all their wounds, leaving Thor alone. He ponders Odin's words, and remembers Odin giving up his eye. He then uses Mjolnir to locate the Eye of Odin and finds it attacking a small village of dwarves. Thor intervenes and is attacked himself. Thor overcomes the power of the Eye of Odin, and it tells him that he will answer one question only. Thor asks what Odin meant by "again", and the Eye of Odin tells him that may be the one question which will give him all the answers.


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