Quote1.png Ah, Milord Odin... this be merriment most grand thy Schemings have unleashed upon us, dost thou not agree? Quote2.png
-- Loki

Appearing in "The Price -- and the Pride!"

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Synopsis for "The Price -- and the Pride!"

Thor soundly defeats the two Giants until stopped by Odin, who tells Thor of his deal with them. Loki tells Odin of the Rhinegold and the Giants say they will accept the Tarnhelm in Idunn's place, and Odin takes Thor and Loki to get it. Alberich has had Mime fashion the Tarnhelm and a great ring from the gold, both of which grant him great powers. He changes himself into a dragon and attacks, but is stopped by Thor. Loki then tricks him into changing into a frog, where he now has Odin's foot upon him. The gods take the Tarnhelm, all his gold, and the ring for his release. But with the ring comes Alberich's curse that no man or god shall rejoice in possessing the ring until it is returned to his hand. Odin tries to keep the ring for himself until Erda reveals herself and warns Odin to give up the ring. He does so, and Fafnir and Fasolt begin to fight over the ring until Fafnir kills his brother, then using the ring transports himself away.


  • Erda is also known as Jörd, Earth Goddess and Mother of Thor in Norse Mythology, in Marvel Comics Jörd and Gaea are the same
  • Volla is actually considered to be the Sister of Frigga, not Erda

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