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Quote1.png Hear me, Eye of Odin! Because I did defeat thee in Combat, thou hast sworn to tell me that which I would know. Keep now thine avowed Word - or by Asgard, I shall make thee wish to Gods unborn that thou hadst! Quote2.png

Appearing in "From Valhalla -- A Valkyrie!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Hunding (Main story and flashback) (Death)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "From Valhalla -- A Valkyrie!"

The Eye of Odin continues to tell its tale to Thor. He sees a version of himself, but apparently mortal, fighting against a storm, until he sees a dwelling and seeks shelter within. A woman gets him some water when her husband comes home, and offers him his hospitality. Hunding asks for his story and this mortal Thor tells him his name is Woe-King, he had a twin sister and their father's name was Wulf. They had returned home one day to find his mother dead and his sister gone, apparently killed by their enemies, the Neidings. He has since wandered, until he recently came across a clan forcing a woman into a marriage she didn't want. He managed to slay them, but during the fray, the woman is accidentally killed. Hunding then tells him that those were his kinsmen and, come the dawn, he will kill him. Later that night, Hunding's wife sneaks out and shows Woe-King a sword imbedded in a tree, put there by a grey-clad stranger, which no one can remove. He pulls out the sword, now named Needful, and reclaims his true name - Siegmund, mightiest warrior of the house of Volsungs. Hunding's wife then reveals that she is Sieglinda, his sister. In Asgard, Frigga is enraged and demands that Siegmund die for the breaking of Hunding's marriage vows. Odin sends Brunnhilda to take back the power of the sword. Back on Earth, Siegmund and Sieglinda take refuge in a cave, until a vision of Brunnhilda tells him that the power is gone from the sword, but his love for his sister moves her, so she says that she will protect them. Hunding arrives and Siegmund gets the better of him, until Frigga demands that Odin intervene. Odin is enraged that Brunnhilda disobeyed him, and he goes to defeat Siegmund himself, through Hunding. Siegmund is slain, and Odin kills Hunding, but swears vengeance against Brunnhilda for forcing him to kill his own son.

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