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Quote1.png Brunnhilda hath defied me - aye, and in so doing, hath made it mine own Hand that did slay my mortal Son. Verily, beyond all imagining shall be her Punishment when I have o'ertaken her! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Sword of Siegfried!"

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Other Characters:

  • Bruin (First and only known appearance)



Synopsis for "The Sword of Siegfried!"

After slaying Siegmund, the enraged Odin races home to punish Brunnhilda. She seeks help from her Valkyrie sisters, because Sieglinda is pregnant with Siegmund's child. Hildegarde sends her to the great forest where the Giant Fafnir now sits with his golden horde, along with the pieces of Needful. Odin arrives in Valhalla and decides Brunnhilda's punishment. Odin takes her to Earth, there to make her mortal, to be taken by a man and grow old. She begs that only a man of worth find her and Odin grants this last request. He then puts her to sleep and causes a ring of fire to rise up around her, which only one who knows no fear can step through. Elsewhere, Sieglinda dies giving birth to Siegfried, who is raised by Mime. After several years, Siegfried comes of age, and Mime shows him the broken sword Needful. Siegfried reforges the sword himself, and with it splits the anvil and the block it rests on in one stroke. Mime then tricks Siegfried into confronting Fafnir to learn fear. Odin, in disguise, arrives as well to view the confrontation between Alberich, Fafnir, and Siegfried.

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