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Quote1.png Do Eye see the glint of Recognition on your Face, Friend Thor? Have you not attended a number of Viking Weddings in your Youth? This one is like unto those with one important difference! This Wedding is your own. Quote2.png
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Appearing in "Passions and Potions"

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  • Grane


Synopsis for "Passions and Potions"

Brunnhilda sends Siegfried back out into the world, and with last shred of her power, grants him invulnerability in battle unless he turns his back on a foe. Siegfried arrives at the stronghold of the Gibichung Clan. There he is bewitched by Hagen with a potion that makes him forget Brunnhilda and fall in love with the first woman he sees - Gutruna. Siegfried asks for her hand in marriage, but he can have it only after rescuing Brunnhilda for Gunther to wed. All of this is a plot by Hagen to get the Ring of Power for himself. Siegfried has scaled the mountain of fire again, but this time has made himself look like Gunther, using the power of the Tarnhelm. He wrests the ring from her finger, and after she has passed out, he heads back towards the city. There, they prepare for the weddings. During the ceremony, Brunnhilda comes around, and announces that Siegfried is her beloved, not Gunther. She tells that startled crowd that he even shared his manly company with her for a night. Gunther believing that their blood oath has been broken, summons his men to kill Siegfried. Siegfried cuts through all the men easily, and Brunnhilda reveals the reason why - the enchantment she gave him. Gunther proposes a truce that Siegfried wed Gutruna and leave his kingdom, while Hagen plots his death.


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