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Quote1.png Hear me, Celestial! For too long hast thou stood above all life in thy arrogance! 'Tis time thou wert reduced in stature! AND 'TIS THOR WHO SHALL SEE TO THE TASK! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Twilight of the Gods!"

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  • Celestial mothership (Main story and flashback)

Synopsis for "Twilight of the Gods!"

The Eye of Odin continues it's tale. Siegfried meets the Rhine Maidens, and is then met by Gunther and Hagen, who appear to wish to make amends. They dine about a campfire, until Hagen takes the opportunity to stab Siegfried in the back, killing him. His body is returned to Siegfried's castle, and there Hagen kills Gunther as well in a bid for the Ring of Power. Only it will not come off, and Hagen is taken by the guards. Brunnhilda has a pyre built for Siegfried, then hurls herself into it as well. They are ushered to Odin who then restores them to life and their true forms, taking away their memories of mortal life. Odin then takes the Ring of Power and snaps it in half. He then goes to Yggdrasill, impales himself on Gungnir, and has himself nailed to the tree by the ring halves. There he hangs for several days, until he is visited by a green-robed woman, that shows him the Celestials ship. He then frees himself, and goes to ask Mimir of the ship's significance. Odin then meets with the other skyfathers of the world, and tells them of the Celestials plans for the world. They all agree to go to them and let them know they will fight for their world. In Peru, their ship has arrived, when they are met by Odin, Zeus, and Vishnu. They are greeted by Ajak, who tells them of the Celestials purpose. The three gods strike at Arishem, but to no effect. Arishem then threatens to cut them off from the Earth forever, unless they swear not to interfere, which they are forced to do. Odin then returns to Asgard and has the Destroyer armor created and then imbued with a portion of every skyfather's power. Then takes the ring halves, and transmutes them into the Odinsword. Finally learning the true past, Thor takes the Eye of Odin and returns to Asgard to make amends to Odin. Thor arrives and finds Heimdall dead on Bifrost. Everywhere he looks, its the same: Odin, Sif, - all dead. He then finds the Odinsword is gone as well, and goes to find Mimir for answers, He finds nothing but a small flicker left, that craves the essence of Odin's eye, which had shrunk to normal. Mimir tells Thor that Odin took all the life forces of the Asgardians, and entered the Destroyer, and took the Odinsword to fight the Celestials. At that moment, the Destroyer, having grown gigantic, is in the Andes with the Uni-Mind. They breach the dome and are met by the entire Fourth Host. They being their battle with the Uni-Mind falling almost immediately, and they then begin to attack the Destroyer, driving it back. Thor arrives and summons a storm to cloud the vision of the Celestials, but to no avail. The Celestials then destroy the Destroyer. Thor, in his grief, begins to attack, but to an even lesser effect. Thor then hurls Mjolnir and shatters Arishem's pylons, toppling him. He then picks up the Odinsword, and hurling it, impales Arishem. Arishem calmly removes it after analyzing it, then reduces it to slag. As Arishem reaches for Thor, he is stopped by a woman appearing, pleading with the Celestial. She calls Thor her bloodson, and reveals herself as Gaea. She then offers the Young Gods to the Celestials as the pinnacle of human achievement. Arishem then deems that the Earth shall live. The Celestials and Young Gods leave, with only Thor and his newly discovered mother behind.

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