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Quote1 Sleep, valiant Son... do not feel the Wounds you have incurred for the Sake of all who live. And know this, that there are none who fought more courageously than you... none of whom I am more proud. Quote2
Earth Mother

Appearing in "For the Life of Asgard!"

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Synopsis for "For the Life of Asgard!"

Gaea, cradling Thor, recalls the past events which led to the death of Zuras, and all the Asgardians. Gaea then heals Thor, and when he awakens, he looks on his birth mother for the first time, and she reveals herself as Mother Earth. She reveals the truths of Thor's birth, and how the Sky-Mother's conspired to create the Young Gods to appease the Celestials. She then reveals that all the other Asgardians are dead, but if he can gain a portion of life-force from the other pantheons, he may be able to revive them. The pantheons gladly give up a portion of their power, except for Shiva. Thor battles him for it. Thor defeats him and then uses the granted power to revive Odin and the Asgardians.

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