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Quote1.png The hauberk, helmet, and sword of my ancestor! With these I can become a true crusader! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Coming of the Crusader!"

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Synopsis for "The Coming of the Crusader!"

A woman leaps from the Wrigley Building and is saved by Thor. She and the crowd below then fall to their knees and begin to worship him. Thor is disturbed by this, but not as much as Arthur Blackwood. Arthur goes to visit his father's grave and is empowered by the ghosts of his ancestors and becomes the Crusader. While Thor is receiving the key to the city from the mayor, the Crusader incites a riot between the two groups in the crowd - those that worship Thor and those that hate him for claiming to be a god. Crusader then attacks Thor directly, and Thor is shocked to find out that no only does he stand up to Mjolnir's blows, his sword easily cuts across Thor's face.


  • again Nurse Stevens is colored as a Caucasian

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  1. Reporter for WBBM news in Chicago.
  2. Works at Blackwood Seminary.
  3. Runs the Blackwood Seminary. He tries to talk sense into Arthur, but fails.
  4. Mayor of Chicago, and offers Thor the key to the city, but the ceremony is interrupted by the Crusader.
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