Quote1 If you'll permit the awed mortal a weak pun -- I'll wish us godspeed. To the success of our journey! Quote2
-- Keith Kincaid

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  • Chicago Community Hospital



Synopsis for "Runequest"

Don Blake is still beset by the charges that he killed Jane Foster. He then goes to Keith and reveals the truth to him. Thor, Keith, and Sif use an Avengers Quinjet to travel to Kamo Tharnn's planet to retrieve the Runestaff. Sif performs the proper ritual, but Jane Foster does not appear.


Don Blake reveals to Keith Kincaid that he is really Thor.

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  1. Female patient that freaks out when Don Blake walks in due to the accusations that he killed Jane Foster.
  2. Nurse at Chicago Community Hospital.
  3. Nurse at Chicago Community Hospital.
  4. Host of the television show Good Morning Chicago. He has Keith Kincaid on as a guest, who's making the charges that Don Blake murdered Jane Foster.
  5. Head of Chicago Community Hospital. He tells Don Blake to take an enforced vacation until things settle down after Blake is charged with murder.
  6. Reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times that harasses Donald Blake after he is charged with Jane Foster's murder

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