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Quote1.png This day Kamo Tharnn, we have recovered a lost friend and made a new friend of an erstwhile foe. It has been indeed a noble and meritorious venture. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Runequest's End!"

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Synopsis for "Runequest's End!"

Sif and Thor travel into the Runestaff to search for Jane Foster. Meanwhile, Keith discovers that Jane, along with hundreds of others, are actually within Kamo Tharnn himself.

Solicit Synopsis

The quest for the Rune Staff of Kamo Tharn concludes, but what then will be the fate of Jane Foster (imprisoned within the body of Sif exactly 100 issues ago)? Find out this issue!


Among the numerous aliens that had inhabited the Runestaff, then Possessor himself, representatives of the following races can be seen: Aakon, A'askvarii, A-Chiltarians, Alpha Centaurians, Ciegrimites, Cotati, Druffs, Elan, Fomalhauti, Brood, Judans and Grunds.

  • This issue features a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Barry Jones, Robert D. Smith, Martin Musick, Thelma Tucker, and John Brittan. The letters page also contains a Special Announcement Section.

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