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Quote1.png No grandfather! You shall not! Do you think that your fate rests within yourself? That I have come all this way to discover a dotard seeking Valhalla through deception? You have called upon the gods of the icy north and they have answered you! Now, your mine! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Last Viking"

In Asgard, Odin is considering the arrival of the last Viking. Back on Earth, Sigurd and Jerry are surveying the destruction when Sigurd is told that the girl he rescued wants to thank him before she is taken to the hospital. She makes it very clear that she is attracted to him and wants to thank him properly when she gets out. As the ambulance drives off, one man notes that he didn't even get her name. Sigurd again hears someone calling his name in the language of old and decides to solve the mystery once and for all, he changes to Thor and flies off. Elsewhere, the gigantic figure senses the arrival of Hugin and Munin and strikes the first blow against the power of Asgard. Back on Earth, Thor has followed the voice to Antarctica. He discovers a valley teeming with life where the volcanic heat has made it cool, yet quite comfortable. It is here that Thor discovers a village, not unlike the towns the ancient Vikings lived in. He calls about but finds several of the huts empty and falling into disrepair. He rounds a corner and finds a Viking graveyard filled with the stone ships. They all point to an entrance into the side of a mountain, and Thor enters to investigate. After entering the cavern, a giant door slams shut and hundreds of spears are launched all right at Thor. In Asgard, Balder sits in the wilderness by a fire and calls to the darkness, telling the stranger to come forth. The cloaked figure comes forth to join him and it is revealed to be Karnilla. Balder tells her that what he has seen in Hel dogs him even in the empty wilderness. She tells him that he cannot carry this weight forever. She gets up to leave, telling him that her men have left provisions for him behind the rocks. And if he tires of the outland, she will offer him the hospitality of her home. Back in Antarctica, Thor smashes the spears, only to encounter other traps within the cave. After going through them all, Thor meets a gigantic warrior, that hurls a spear at Thor. he dodges the spear and swings at the warrior, knocking his helmet loose. In another cavern, beneath NYC, Fafnir nurses his hatred of Thor and realizes that Thor couldn't hurt him. Fafnir emerges near the South Bronx, screaming for Thor. And in a penthouse overlooking Central Park, Lorelei is preparing a special brew of golden mead just for Thor. Back in the cavern, Thor discovers that the warrior is really an old man, that tells Thor not to spare him and to finish the job. Thor tells him that he won't slay an ancient and carries him outside. Thor gets him outside and removes the armor and asks who he is. He tells Thor that his name is Eilif the Lost and that his father's fathers founded the valley long ago, and could not get back out. Eilif tells him that the labyrinth was the way to test themselves and become warriors since they had no enemies. He wanted to trap Thor, whose temper is legendary and win his way through to Valhalla. But he failed and is content to die the straw death having lived to see the Mighty Thor himself. Thor tells him that his fate no longer rests within himself. That he did not come all this way to discover a dotard seeking Valhalla through deception. The Gods of the icy north have answered Eilif's call and now his life belongs to Thor.

Solicit Synopsis

An ancient Norseman challenges Thor to a fight to the death! But would Thor raise his hammer against an old and helpless man? He does - with valor! Also revealed: a never-seen-before power that Thor possesses!


The title of this issue is taken from the next issue blurb from Thor #341.

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