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Quote1 Hear me, you elements! Hear me, storms! Rise up in your wrath! A warrior hath died this day and you shall carry him to his destiny! No longer Eilif the Lost, but Eilif the Dragonslayer! Strike now! And fire this holy mound! Quote2

Appearing in "If I Should Die Before I Wake..."

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Synopsis for "If I Should Die Before I Wake..."

Fafnir is in New York on a rampage, screaming for the Son of Odin, and begins destroying buildings. Elsewhere, Lorelei is wondering where Thor is. But Thor is unaware of what's going on because he's in Antarctica with Eilif. Thor tells him that he is proud of his reckless courage, but the granting of Valhalla is beyond him. Only Odin and the Valkyries can decide who sits in that realm. But Thor tells him that for old times sake, he will take Eilif's fate in his hands. For Fafnir awaits him in New York and he would take Eilif with him. Thor then calls to Odin to grant him a sign that Eilif be his shield bearer. After half an hour, out of nowhere, flies Cloud rider's and Thor's own chariot pulled by Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. In Asgard, Karnilla is furious at what Loki has done to Balder. Haag has put Balder in the room next to Karnilla's own. Back in Antarctica, Eilif is overcome by events and begins to lose his courage. Thor rails at him and calls for the warrior that lifted his weapon against the mightiest fighter in Asgard, and dared test the mettle of the Mighty Thor. Rallied, Eilif rises and touches Mjolnir, and feels the fire of youth coursing through is limbs. They mount up and begin to ride, but before they leave, they discover an old man that greets them and blesses Eilif's spear and as they fly off, Eilif looks gain and the old grey-bearded man has vanished. Elsewhere, beyond the fields we know, and endless host chants as the giant figure finishes the sword - now named Twilight. In the Bronx, Fafnir has grown tired of waiting and begins the serious destruction of the city. Eilif and Thor arrive just in time and Thor's hammer opens the battle. Fafnir strikes back with tail and flame, and the battle truly begins. In Asgard, Heimdall sees the stars themselves blotted out, and within the darkness, Munin races for his life. He falls to the bridge as the inky darkness races by and is gone. Back in the Bronx, Thor lands a blow that is felt in Pennsylvania, but to no avail. Fafnir strikes again at Eilif, and unhorsing him, Eilif falls into a building below. Thor's concern causes him to be distracted, allowing Fafnir to land a tremendous blow. Eilif comes to and realizes that Thor must be hurt because the energy of youth is leaving him. Summoning his courage, Eilif leaps down below him and drives his spear into the dragon. Thor, seeing that the spear has penetrated the dragon's hide, uses all his strength to drive the spear deep into Fafnir, killing him. Thor then rushes to Eilif's side and discovers that his companion and shield bearer is gone. Thor begins to demolish some remaining building, and using the rubble, builds a funeral pyre. Thor then lifts Fafnir's corpse and puts it at Eilif's feet, as the soldiers look on. Thor then summons a storm and causes it to strike, and fire the holy mound. No longer Eilif the Lost, but Eilif the Dragonslayer. Out of the sky, fantastical horsed figures fly to collect the fallen hero, as father Odin looks on to welcome the last Viking. Back in his apartment, Sigurd broods over his missing friends, when a knock on the door rouses him. It's Lorelei, in disguise as Melodi, tells him that she wanted to thank him for saving her life.

Solicit Synopsis

A battle royal in New York City as Fafnir destroys - and Thor defends! But is Thor's might enough - when his partner Eilif's strength wanes by the minute? Someone will go to Valhalla by the end of the conflagration - who shall it be? Guest-starring Lorelei, Karnilla, and Balder the Brave!

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