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Synopsis for "That Was No Lady!"

In an early morning Manhattan office, Dr. Willis calls his secretary into his office and attacks her. He ties her to a chair and feeds her a burger, causing her to crumble to dust. Two cops respond to her screams and arrest him. Elsewhere, Sigurd and Melodi take a carriage ride through the park together, and she reflects on her prize. In the jail, Dr. Willis is trapped, and one of the cops is acting suspiciously. After giving all the other officers some cookies, she goes back to see Willis and leaves him some of the unmortal wafers. She tells him that all the other officers are now under the masters thrall. At the law offices of Strother and Marty, Mr. Strother is forced to open the Q-File. In Asgard, Balder sends Silverhoof off on his own while he seeks to lose himself in the wilds and seeks to die again. While the mysterious figure watching him is all too happy to help. Back at Melodi's apartment, she and Sigurd make themselves comfortable. In a Long Island home, a package is delivered to Dr. Willis' son, who is decidedly older than his father. Entrusting him to a sacred task, to guard the package with his life. Back in the jail cell, Eric finds the french fry in his pocket that he had dropped in his pocket that morning. He quickly hides the cookies, and when Grier comes back, he gets close and shoves the fry into her mouth, causing her to burst and crumble into dust, leaving just her uniform and the keys to the cell. Eric makes his escape and heads to Long Island to see Roger, but his pursuit is close behind. Back in Melodi's apartment, she goes to slip into something more comfortable while Sigurd makes a phone call. He calls Avengers Mansion and Jarvis tells him that Mr. Strother left him a message about the Casket of Ancient Winters. Sigurd gets the lawyers address and leaves abruptly, telling Melodi that he must see a lawyer about a will. He runs into an alley and changes into Thor and flies towards the lawyer's office. Back out on the road, Eric's pursuers catch up to him. He's about to be overrun when a beautiful woman in a Ferrari screeches to a stop in front of him and tells him to get in. She tells him that her name is Angel, and she didn't like the looks of that mob. Thor arrives at the lawyer's office to find the truth of why Mr. Strother spoke the name of Malekith the Accursed. As Eric and Angel speed down the road, Eric seems to come under the spell of the music on the radio. She stops the car and tells Eric that he wants to kiss her, which he does. But first, she wants to know the location of the Casket of Ancient Winters. Elsewhere, beyond the fields we know, the sword Twilight is finished and the anvil's work is done, and the flaming giant strikes, destroying the anvil. Back at the car, Angel tells Eric that it was lovely, but that the Cask must now be found and opened as his lord commands, as she changes form to Malekith and flies to Manhattan, leaving Eric's desiccated corpse in the car.

Solicit Synopsis

It's the God of Thunder versus the Dark Elf - on Earth, in a game of gin rummy for the highest stakes of all! Only Walt Simonson could write, pencil, and ink this tale - and only Marvel would present it!

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  1. Secretary to Eric Willis
  2. Father to Roger Willis
  3. Police officer
  4. Police officer under the spell of Malekith
  5. Lawyer
  6. Secretary to Mr. Strother
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