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Synopsis for "The Wild Hunt!"

Roger Willis has come to New York to follow-up on his father's charge, when he's attacked by four men who have identified him as the one their master wants. He manages to break away and leaps into a cab. Meanwhile, Mr. Strother tells Thor everything he knows about Roger and Eric Willis and the Casket of Ancient Winters. Thor then heads to the police precinct where Eric had been held to find out what was going on. When he gets there, they offer Thor one of their special cookies, and he begins to crumble weakly to the ground. They tell him that he has tasted the enchanted food of faerie and is now a slave like they are. After the officer is finished bragging, Thor has heard enough and summons the lighting to strike the ensorceled mortals and knock them out. Out beneath an abandoned section of the West Side Highway, Roger finds his goal - the Casket of Ancient Winters. He puts it in a Macy's bag and quickly leaves. But as soon as he turns the corner than Malekith arrives and finds the empty canvas lying on the ground. It's still cool to the touch so he knows his quarry is still close and pulls a horn from his pouch and calls out the Wild Hunt. Roger is stuck in traffic in a cab when the Hounds of the Hunter come roaring out of the sky. Roger fights back with his .45 killing a few when the Master of the Hounds arrives. Out in the endless desert, Balder is waiting to die when a woman runs at him followed by a Sand Devil. Balder grabs a piece of wood and leaps to the attack while the shadowy figure that had been following him looks on astonished. Meanwhile. back on the bridge, Roger's clip is empty but has managed to slay the huntsman's mount. But before the Huntsman can strike him down, lightening strikes him and the Huntsman's garb vanishes to reveal Malekith himself. Malekith rallies his hounds and sicks them on Thor and Roger. Elsewhere, beyond the fields we know, the flaming demon, and his horde prepare for battle. Back on the Queensboro Bridge, Thor finally realizes why the hounds have not attacked en masse. They are surrounded by iron, the bane of all inhabitants from the realm of faerie. Thor strikes Malekith with an iron beam and forces him and the hounds to flee. Back at Melodi's apartment, she hears a knock on the door and there stands Malekith. Thor and Roger decide on where they can hide and plan, and they head to Melodi's apartment. Once there, Melodi offers Thor a drink of golden mead, which he takes. While watching this is Malekith and with him is Melodi. Thor is instantly overcome with passion and sweeps Melodi up for a kiss when he realizes it's not really her. It's just a stock of wood animated by faerie sorcery. It tells him the only way to get her back is to bring the Casket to the Cotswalds of England.

Solicit Synopsis

The Dark Elf is still on Earth! He and Thor must scrap for the planet's very future! But there's an awesome complication to "The Wild Hunt" - and that's when you find out just what they're hunting for!

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