Quote1 The sword, Twilight, is finished. The hosts are ready. And when he strikes the third blow against the power of Asgard, then shall the Nine Worlds shake as never before! Quote2
-- Malekith

Appearing in "Into the Realm of Faerie!"

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Synopsis for "Into the Realm of Faerie!"

Thor and Roger head to the Cotswalds of England to rescue Melodi from Malekith. Balder meets the Norns, who tell him that they have been waiting to speak to him since the dawn of time. In Asgard, Odin tells the Warriors Three to assemble the host of Asgard entire to prepare for war. Malekith sends Thor and Algrim plummeting into a bottomless chasm while Roger lies blind. As Malekith prepares to open the Casket, Surtur awaits to enter our realm.

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