Quote1.png For I am bound within the Great Weave and everything that I do or do not do echoes throughout the fabric around me! Quote2.png
-- Balder

Appearing in "The Dark and the Light"

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Synopsis for "The Dark and the Light"

Roger manages to temporarily stop Malekith from opening the Casket. Balder meets the Norns, and he discovers how important he is in the overall scheme of things. He also sees how one small act by one person, can affect everyone else. Thor saves himself from the pit, and he and Roger defeat Malekith once and for all. In Asgard, the Warriors Three have gathered the host of Asgard for war. While Thor is distracted by Melodi, Malekith grabs Roger's gun and hurls it at the Casket, shattering it. The intense cold freezes the portal, allowing Surtur to shatter it, and enter our world.

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