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Quote1.png Young they were and reckless, for had they not recently slain the father of all Frost Giants, the terrible Ymir? Had they not made the world of his body and the sky of his skull and the clouds of his brains? Were they not the sons of Bor, the grandsons of Buri, the first of all immortal gods? Were they not Odin and his brothers, Vili and Ve, riding in the dawn of the world and in the fullness of their youth and power? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Debts of Honor!"

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Synopsis for "Debts of Honor!"

With the Casket of Ancient Winters shattered, a supernatural cold spreads across Midgard. Roger suspects Melodi is up to something, but with a spell, she prevents him from telling Thor. Agnar and Balder arrive back in Asgard to tell Odin of the vision Balder has seen. Thor brings Malekith back to Asgard, and Odin puts him in the Prison of No Escape. With Malekith locked away, Odin tells them the history of the challenge they now face. He tells them of Surtur, his brothers and the birth of the Odinpower, and of the coming war. And to help in the coming battle, Odin summons Beta Ray Bill back to Asgard.


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