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Quote1.png Son of Odin, hear me! Now at last has come the hour of reckoning! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Ragnarok & Roll!"

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Synopsis for "Ragnarok & Roll!"

With all the warriors gathered at the Plain of Vigrid, Odin lays out the battle plan. Odin and Heimdall will stay in Asgard, Balder is to seek the aid of Karnilla, and Frigga is to take all the children away to safety. Everyone else is to go to Midgard to head off Surtur and the Sons of Muspel. Thor flies ahead to alert the Avengers (See: Avengers Vol 1 249). Meanwhile, the hordes begin attacking Manhattan. Karnilla tells Balder that she will not help unless he swears allegiance to her alone. The Asgardians arrive in battle while Amora goes to retrieve Lorelei, who refuses to help. As the Sons of Muspel begin to set the city aflame, Thor causes a downpour to put out the fires. Unfortunately, that's exactly what Surtur wanted. With the stopping of the storm, Bifrost is revealed. Just as Thor realizes that Surtur is gone, the Gjallerhorn is sounded.


  • Code of Honor #4 establishes that the events of this issue take place in August.


Takes place concurrently with Avengers Vol 1 249

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  1. Small boy threatened by the Fire Demons
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