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Quote1.png The Eternal Flame and the sword, Odin! Can you hear them? They call to one another! You have spoken of power! Now feel the might of Surtur in his glory! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Ragnarok and Ruin!"

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  • Riproar I

Synopsis for "Ragnarok and Ruin!"

Surtur is in Asgard to reclaim the Eternal Flame that Odin and his brothers stole at the beginning of time. Surtur and Odin hurl themselves at each other, sending shockwaves throughout the Nine Worlds. In New York, Mr Fantastic has a plan, but it involves capturing the demon's war gate. Elsewhere, Roger plans on finding and putting the Casket back together to end the winter storms. The Human Torch leads the demons away while Roger begins work. Back in New York, Sif leads the Einherjar into Bill's trap, as Tyr and Skurge lead their forces and devastate the demons. Meanwhile, Bill and Mr Fantastic capture and shut down the gate. Back in Asgard, Surtur is surprised by Odin's power and calls upon all the winters in an effort to stop Odin. Elsewhere, the children of Asgard have a plan to get past the Troll. And back on Earth, the heroes go through the gate to confront the demons at their entry point into the Earth dimension. Back in England, Roger has only one piece left, but he can't get to it, it's completely frozen in place. But suddenly, all the ice, snow, and cold are gone without a trace, called to Asgard by Surtur. But with the ice gone, the Dark Elves are loose again. In Asgard, Surtur has used the cold to completely imprison Odin, as Surtur goes to the Eternal Flame and lights the sword Twilight.


Thor appears nowhere in this issue at all.

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