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Appearing in "Doom II"

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Synopsis for "Doom II"

With Thor and Odin out of the way, Surtur goes to light the sword Twilight in the Eternal Flame, but nothing happens. Loki reveals that it was him that hid the real flame and replaced it with an illusion. Loki and Surtur battle, with Loki leading a merry chase until Surtur discovers the real flame. Back in England, Roger and the Human Torch escape from the Elves and begin heading home. After putting the final piece in place, Roger closes the lid, which returns the winter imprisoning Odin to the Casket. Thor has revived as well, and father and sons face off against Surtur. Back on Earth, Beta Ray Bill and the heroes finally defeat the last of the demons. Surtur and Odin grapple to the last, falling into the chasm of Muspelheim, which seals up behind them.

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