Quote1 For mine is the swiftness of the very lightning itself! And the fury of the elements is as nothing to the fury of Thor this day! Flee, death! Flee and lick thy wounds, you who are not fit to utter my father's name! And know that Thor shall not be far behind! Quote2
-- Thor

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Synopsis for "Pickin' Up the Pieces"

With the disappearance of Surtur and Odin, the demons are routed and begin to disappear back to Muspelheim. Back in Asgard, Hela has sensed Odin's passing and comes for him. Thor strikes her relentlessly and sends her fleeing back to her realm. Sif barely manages to get back to Asgard because with the Rainbow Bridge gone, passage is almost impossible. While Sif and Thor plan on how to bring the Asgardians home, Lorelei and Loki continue their plans. Thor leaves Asgard and goes wandering in the wilderness, but Hela, still smarting from her abuse at Thor's hands, kills his horse just as an avalanche is upon him. Back on Earth, in Chicago, Fandral goes to Don Blake's office to give Nurse Stevens and Mrs Barclay their severance pay and to tell them and Shawna that SHIELD had need of Don and he may not be coming back. The charms he gives them will cause them to forget Don Blake.

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