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Quote1.png Seek in the shadows of the Hel-Hound, Garm, for the entrance! Black the entrance, blacker still the journey. Nine days ride will bring you to the river Gjoll and the bridge Gjallerbru! Modgud guards the bridge and Helgate lies beyond it. Unwilling I have spoken! I would say no more! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Into the Valley of Death!"

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Synopsis for "Into the Valley of Death!"

The Asgardians have finally returned home, only to discover that the All-Father is gone. Thor is determined to free the mortal souls trapped in Hel and summons Angerboda to learn the way to Hel. She tells him that the entrance is found in the shadow of the Hel-Hound Garm. She says nine days' ride will then bring them to the river Gjoll, and the bridge Gjallerbru, guarded by Modgud, and beyond the bridge lies the Helgate. That night, Thor, Balder, the Executioner, and the Einherjar ride for Hel.

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