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Quote1.png But Hela is no ordinary warrior...and mine are not a warrior's weapons! You force me to do what even I cannot undo! Raise your eyes, Thor...and see the Hand of Glory! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Quick and the Dead!"

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Synopsis for "The Quick and the Dead!"

Thor and his warriors travel into Hel to free the mortal souls trapped there. When they arrive, they find an idyllic paradise, with their loved ones all around, leading them off. But when Thor sees Sif and she speaks words of love, he knows the truth, that they are leading the Einherjar to their deaths. The image of Sif changes to that of Hela herself. Thor challenges Hela to combat, if he wins they all go free, if she wins, Thor is hers forever. During their bout, Hela slashes Thor's face to ribbons. Thor is writhing in agony but manages one last feat, tearing Hela's cloak from her. Thor has discovered her secret, her cloak is the key to her power, without it, she is a half-decayed corpse with no power at all. Hela relents and Thor begins to lead them all out of Hel.


  • Thor's face is permenently scarred by Hela's "Hand of Glory"

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