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-- Thor

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  • Rats

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Synopsis for "Thor Croaks!"

As the time of the Althing draws near, the Asgardians wonder where Thor is. He's on Earth having been transformed into a frog. But he is still a warrior born, so when a rat attacks him, he easily fights it off. Thor befriends Puddlegulp, who leads him to meet the King Glugwort. Hildy and the other kids discover Twilight, and that Loki is up to something involving it. Thor and Puddlegulp arrive in time to drive off Ratso and some others, but not in time to save the king. The other frogs convince Thor to help them against the rats, and Thor already has a plan. In Asgard, the children tell Heimdall of Twilight, and he suspects Loki of even more deviousness. At the Althing, the Grand Thane calls for the sons of Odin to step forward. Loki is there promptly, laughing to himself about Thor's absence until the Thunder God steps forward as well. Thor's plan to find the alligators in the sewers is successful, except for the presence of the Piper, who promptly takes control of Thor's amphibian body.

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