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Quote1.png Still, there is another perhaps more worthy of the throne than I. One whose bravery is the equal of Thor's, one whose nobility surpasses my own. I speak of none other than Balder the Brave! Balder, whose honor is beyond reproach! Balder, whose sense of justice matches that of Odin himself! Surely, the shining Balder would be a ruler worthy of the Golden Realm. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Sir!"

Frog Thor returns to Asgard. Volstagg takes Gunnhild, who has been getting sick, in search of Twilight. At the Althing, Loki grabs the false Mjolnir and hurls it, convincing everyone that he is worthy. Just then, Frog Thor swoops in and grabs Loki. Loki tries to stop him by turning Thor into more of a frog, but this just takes away Thor's reason, and he attacks harder. Volstagg discovers the enormous machine draining power from Twilight. He gets dizzy and accidentally causes an avalanche, burying both machine and sword. With the machine destroyed, Hildy's illness is gone and Thor transforms back to his normal self. When the rest of the Asgardians ride up, Loki tries to salvage the situation. But when Thor tosses him Mjolnir, causing him to fall over, Loki's plans fall apart. Thor then announces that he will not take the throne, but instead says that honor should fall to Balder.


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