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Quote1.png All these years. All these crummy years in that crummy hole! And it was you, Thor! If it hadn't been for you, I'da never seen Ryker's Island! I'll bet you don't even remember me now! But I haven't forgotten! And when I'm through, you'll never forget me, either! Quote2.png
Thug Thatcher

Appearing in "The Eye of the Beholder"

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Synopsis for "The Eye of the Beholder"

Thor discovers that the Balder that was killed was really Malekith in disguise, and that it was Loki they placed in the dungeon. Thor and the Warriors Three ride for Nornheim to try to find Balder. They come to branches in the road and split up. On Earth, Thatcher gets out of prison. In Asgard, Thor meets an old woman who tells him of three maidens held captive by Slaggnbir. Meanwhile, Loki is back at his castle and wants to know what happened to Balder as well. Looking into the past, he sees Balder meet the same old woman Thor just met. Balder rode for the castle, slayed Slaggnbir, and freed the maidens, who were overcome with gratitude. They proceeded to bewitch him, making him forget who he was. They told him his name was Annar, and they were his lovers. In the present, Thor enters the same castle and is greeted by the same three maidens.

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