Quote1 I rode wide-eyed into the honey trap of the castle because I was sorry to give up such (adventures). But after this, I think perhaps being king would not be a bad idea. I might make less of a fool of myself. Quote2
-- Balder

Appearing in "For Whom the Belles Troll..."

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Synopsis for "For Whom the Belles Troll..."

Troll Hags

Thor & Balder face the Troll Hags

Thor does not succumb to the sorcery, and the three maidens call for Annar to protect them. Thor realizes that Annar is really Balder and frees him from their spell. Thor then reveals the true identities of the maidens as Troll Hags. Balder stuns them with his light power and Thor destroys the floor, sending them to their death. On Earth, Thug goes to see Ruby and discovers that she doesn't remember him. One more thing to take revenge on Thor for. As Thor and Balder go to leave, they come across Granny, who tells them that she was their victim as well. Thor breaks the spell and goes to embrace him, when Balder breaks the final spell, revealing her to be a Troll Mother Uglitha. While Balder distracts her with his light, Thor brings the floating castle down upon her. They then ride for Asgard, and to finally have that drink to Skurge.


Thor Vol 1 369 007

Balder sees Thor's beard

  • In this issue, Balder expresses his surprise at seeing a bearded Thor. However, two issues before this event, Balder had already seen Thor with a beard.

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