Quote1 Welcome, accursed brother! Welcome to Midgard! Welcome to Buzzard Gulch! Death rides for thee! Quote2
-- Loki

Appearing in "Easy Money"

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  • Henry




Synopsis for "Easy Money"

In Danville, Texas in 1875, Sundance goes flying through a saloon window. He's driven out of town for being a card cheat. Just as he's leaving, Pops gives him a claim check to give to a man on a white horse in the town of Alberdene. Just as Sundance is leaving town, and gang rides up and shoots up the saloon he was just in, killing everyone inside. But instead of Alberdene, Sundance goes to Wilmington instead. But once there, the gang is waiting for him. The leader tells Sundance that if he will lead the man on the white horse to Buzzard Gulch the next day at noon, he will give him and enchanted deck of cards with which he will never lose again, and be protected against death and injury. After meeting up with the man on the white horse, he tells Sundance how a Loki and stolen the apples of Idunn and entrusted them with a troll that had a change of heart and hid them from Loki. Sundance then goes on to help Thor defeat Loki and recover the apples.

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