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Appearing in "Peace on Earth"

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Synopsis for "Peace on Earth"

In Asgard, Balder is crowned ruler of all Asgard. But instead of taking Odin's throne, he's had a smaller one built for him. On Earth, Thug has moved in with Ruby and her two sons, against her will, and he has a job for her. Elsewhere, Justice Peace comes through the timestream on a vital mission. But not so vital he doesn't have time to correct some errant jaywalkers. Thor arrives and attacks him for assaulting citizens. Justice's Hopsickle launches a missile at Thor then ensnares him in a restraining device. Justice Peace roars off to complete his mission, but Thor manages to escape. In Skraggmore Penitentiary, Ruby slips something to Charles, who then works it to Brad Wolfe. Brad takes his package outside and puts the mini gas mask on, while a helicopter flies overhead, drofpping teargas. Brad grabs the hook and is pulled to his escape. Kellen brings Brad to Ruby's house to meet Thug. They free him from his manacles, and he promptly kills Ruby. Kellen shoots Brad to death, but the vermin inside burst out and go after Thug, transforming him into the new Zaniac, with a thirst for Jane Foster's blood.

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