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Quote1 Then these children shall want for nothing ever again! Give them to me. They shall sit at my table and eat my bread and be as the sons of Volstagg and Gudrun. Quote2

Appearing in "Without Justice, There Is No Peace!"

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Synopsis for "Without Justice, There Is No Peace!"

Thug has become the new Zaniac, and goes to kill Jane Foster. In Chicago, Justice Peace arrives to find he's too late, Thor is right behind him though, and strikes him down. Justice Peace finally has no choice, and tells Thor his story. Thor realizes that Jane is now the Zaniac's target, but Mick and Kevin wake up. Before they can see their mother's dead body, Thor takes them and puts them back to bed and causes them to fall into a deep sleep. Thor and Justice Peace then race to Highland Park Chicago, but they are too late again, Jane Foster is dead. But one slim hope remains. If there is enough temporal enchantment left in Mjolnir, he can recharge Hopsickle, and travel back in time a couple of hours when before Zaniac arrived. They arrive before Thug became the new Zaniac, and kill all the vermin, but Thug dies of a heart attack anyway. Thor places his body on a park bench so he will appear to be just another vagrant that didn't survive the night. Justice Peace returns to the future, while Thor checks on Jane. Thor then takes Mick and Kevin to Asgard since they have no other family. There, they are adopted by Volstagg into his own family. Elsewhere, Hela prepares to strikes at Thor in revenge for his humiliating defeat of her.


  • Sequence 1 Without Justice, There Is No Peace!
  • Inking is credited to Albret Blevinson.
  • For an interesting, albeit twisted, epilogue to this tale and to learn the ultimate fate of Justice Peace, check out Despicable Deadpool #288.

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