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Quote1 Fly! Fly, you demons! And let the last days of Asgard begin! Quote2

Appearing in "Heroes Always Win... Don't They?"

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Synopsis for "Heroes Always Win... Don't They?"

Thor realizes that he is facing the real Absorbing Man. Suddenly, Titania appears and begins to attack Thor as well. Thor backhands her, accidentally breaking her neck, enraging the Absorbing Man. But what Creel doesn't realize is that it's not Titania, it's another altered human. Thor has no choice but to flee, afraid of striking back for killing anyone else. And it's all on the news for everyone to see. In Asgard, Loki continues telling the giants of his plan, while Balder oversees the sheathing of Twilight. Back on Earth, Thor continues to dodge the Absorbing Man, while news crews get it all on film. Loki creates a potion and prepares to unleash it on Asgard, while Heimdall consoles Amora. Elsewhere, Hogun gives Kevin and Mick a small slice of the apples of Idunn. Meanwhile on Earth, Thor continues to take a brutal beating at the hands of Creel, and opens a dimensional vortex to get away. Thinking it's a trick, Creel absorbs the vortex, and is transported to another dimension. Thor goes to leave, headed towards Avengers Mansion to get help while being hounded by reporters, and he collapses from his wounds. In Asgard, Loki unleashes his spell.

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