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Quote1.png But I have many names, serpent, even as you. Vingthor the Hurler, Longbeard's Son, have I been called. Hrodr's foeman, too. In Tyr's ancestral home, wisest Hymir knew my name as Veur; unhappy Hrungnir's playmate some have called me. East of Elvigar in Gianthome they whisper Hloriddi's name. My father called me son. My mother called me darling. And beneath the vaults of Heaven, I am Thor Odinson, the Thunderer, Jormungand's Fear! Quote2.png

Appearing in "There Were Giants in Those Days (Or, A Discourse Between Heroes and Villains)"

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Synopsis for "There Were Giants in Those Days (Or, A Discourse Between Heroes and Villains)"

Loki awakens to discover his castle destroyed. He casts a spell to look into the past and sees Thor saving his life, disgusting him. He then looks to the Giants and sees their plan to raise Jormungand. Loki has another idea of his own, and flies to Earth. Coming upon the site in the Andes where the last Celestial Host landed, he spots his prize, a gleaming pool of solidified metal. In Asgard, Kurse hears the sound of children crying, and goes to investigate. He discovers Kevin and Mick crying over the fallen forms of the Asgardians. He picks them up and carries them off to find Balder. Balder has collapsed as well, but is conscious enough to tell Hugin and Munin to get the Elixir he got from Wyrd, and give it to the boys. On Earth, the Giants have aroused a dragon, Fin Fang Foom. They tell him of Thor and he decides he will see for himself this "hero". He flies to a park in Brooklyn, and finds him there, but doesn't recognize him as Thor. He apologizes for his attack and introduces himself. He says that if Thor does not show, he will have to destroy the city. Thor does not identify himself, but states that he is a hero and will have to stop him. Fin Fang Foom challenges him and says that if the little hero can lift his foot, they will fly away for their battle to a deserted area. He does so and they fly off, followed by news helicopters. The dragon is impressed by the hero's feat, and out of respect, tells the little hero his true name - Jormungand. As the world serpent sheds his disguise, time around the world comes to a stop. The Giants recognize this sign and go to see the battle for themselves. Thor finally introduces himself to his destined foe - Vingthor the Hurler, Longbeard's son, Hrodr's foeman, Feur, Hrungnir's playmate, Hloriddi, Thor Odinson, the Thunderer, Jormungand's fear!


  • Loki and the Destroyer armor previously appeared last issue and will appear again in Thor #381.
  • "Fin Fang Foom" previously appeared in Thor #327 and will appear again next issue.

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