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Quote1 We must return to the real world where lies my broken body and your unmoving shell! And only one of us will emerge from this mystic realm alive! To the strongest belongs the victory! Quote2

Appearing in "Ye Olde Shelle Game!"

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Synopsis for "Ye Olde Shelle Game!"

The Frost Giants as well as the news crew arrive to the battle site, only to find a giant circle of mystic flames. The Giants venture inside and see a vision of Thor battling Mephisto, which then quickly vanishes. They see the Avengers lying unconscious on the ground, and amongst them, Thor's armor. They realize that Thor is still inside, reduced to a puddle of jellified flesh. Suddenly a cold wind blows through the circle and the Giants run outside it. But the mortals in the area, the news crew and the Avengers, have lost their memory of why they are there and leave. Unaware that they are leaving Thor behind to the mercy of the Giants. They proceed to beat on the body, enjoying the fact that he can't fight back, but Loki has other ideas. He lures Siggorth over near a pool of metal resulting in a blinding flash. The Destroyer has returned, and begins to live up to his name. In Asgard, Kevin and Mick give the water of life to Balder which revives him. They go to Hlidskjalf to see if they can spot the culprit, and spy Utgard-Loki planning to attack Asgard. Back on Earth, Loki is enjoying watching the Destroyer try to destroy the unkillable Thor, and leaves. But then the Destroyer stops, realizing that he has finally found an undying spirit, and attempts to absorb it. But though is body is useless, Thor's spirit is unbowed, and begins to battle the Destroyer for control. On the mortal plane, the Destroyer reaches down and puts on Thor's cape, belt, wings, and then using Mjolnir, teleports away.


This issue takes place concurrently with Mephisto Vs.... #4

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