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Quote1.png Then that shall be my price. Take Balder and the Warriors Three and any other who will and have that drink in peace. Rejoice in living for it is more wonderful than can be dreamt. And remember Skurge. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Journey into Mystery"

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Synopsis for "Journey into Mystery"

In Hel, Loki is visiting his daughter, discussing the recent events with Thor. The Destroyer, inhabited by Thor, blasts his way into Hel. In Asgard, Balder and the others are discussing the pending attack by the Frost Giants when a deafening roar heralds that they have already arrived. Balder tries to bluff the Giants into making them think that he can still generate his light powers, but he is still too weak and they call his bluff. Kurse, Volstagg, and the children help fight the Giants but there are just too many of them. In Hel, the Destroyer has finally overcome Thor's control and begins to destroy indiscriminately. Hela fails to fight him off, and tries one last desperate gambit. She brings Thor's body to Hel and restores him completely in the hopes of killing him to stop the rampage. The Destroyer grabs the body, and laughs out loud in joy. Thor never lost control, and he's taught Hela a lesson. Thor returns to his own body and simultaneously encases the Destroyer in a giant unbreakable crystal so no one can get near it again. Thor then heads to Asgard to stop the Giants. Meanwhile, Hela releases Skurge to Valhalla, impressed with his nobility. Thor arrives and smashes through the Frost Giants easily. He stays his hand, however, when Utgard-Loki promises to use his magics to restore the Asgardians, in return for safe passage back to Jotunheim. Later, Thor visits a brooding Loki in his castle, to discuss debts to each other. But to teach the trickster a lesson, Thor breaks his arm.

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