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Synopsis for "Who Shall Be Worthy?"

September 4, 2537. Dargo and Salla are hiding from a Corp Tracker, avoiding it so they can get to their secret meeting. A meeting of the faithful to see who among them is worthy to wield the sacred hammer found embedded in stone a couple of hundred years before. One of the strongest men steps forward, only to fail, like so many before him. The next morning, the Chairman of the Corp, meets his 9:15 appointment. A sinister looking man who is willing to wipe out these rebels for his own reasons – Loki. Loki and Tyrus the Terrible have located the secret cult and begin to wipe it out with their army of Rock Trolls. Dargo instinctively reaches for some kind of weapon and grabs Mjolnir, unleashing its power, granting him the power of Thor. Using the power of the thunder god, Dargo easily defeats the Rock Trolls, hurling them all away. The followers gather around him, wanting him to save them. He flies off and lands on a nearby building. Mjolnir, sensing this is not the true Thor, tries to pull away from his grasp, but he stamps it on the ground, transforming back. The next day, the Corp workers head out to protest, and fight the Corp, only to find themselves surrounded. Dargo once more changes to Thor, and begins to rip into the Corp soldiers and Rock Trolls. Tyrus leaps to the attack, and tells Dargo that he knows he’s not the real Thor. In the midst of battle, Mjolnir once again pulls away from Dargo. Tyrus tells him that Thor is in a place where none can reach him, and he can’t free himself without his hammer. Dargo finally defeats Tyrus, and Loki tires of the Chairman’s whining, destroys him and the entire Corp Central with him. With all their enemies defeated, Dargo opens a dimensional portal, and hurls Mjolnir through, sending it to it’s true master. With the Corp destroyed, the workers can finally be free.

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