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Synopsis for "Be Thou God, or Monster!"

Having destroyed half a forest just west of the Mississippi River, Hulk sleeps. In New York, Thor is told of Hulk's rampage and flies to stop the mindless behemoth. During their battle, Thor is clearly in advantage against Hulk, with using Mjolnir, but suddenly the Green Goliath grabs a helpless woman and holds her hostage, demanding Thor to throw away Mjolnir and fight him hand-to-hand. Thor hurls Mjolnir as far as he can. Thor and Hulk begin to battle in earnest. They both begin to destroy the small town they are in, oblivious to the destruction. Thor is clearly in disadvantage against Hulk, without using Mjolnir, but refuses to give up despite being severely bruised and bloodied. When Mjolnir returns to him, Hulk decides to leave and jumps away. Thor feels ashamed of all the damage that he caused. Blinded by the battle, the god became a monster.

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