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Quote1.png I shall destroy yon Brain, e'en if I must rip it apart with my bare Hands and Teeth! Quote2.png
-- Thor

Appearing in "When the Thunder Fails!"

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Synopsis for "When the Thunder Fails!"

Thor continues to battle on inside Exitar. But without Mjolnir, all he can do is hurl himself at the Celestial's brain. On Pangoria, Pegas enacts his plan to escape, while Myla stays behind. Inside the Celestial, Exitar begins to sort through Thor’s memories and study him, before spitting him out. Arishem and Exitar enact their judgment, destroying the harmful elements, while sparing the worthy ones. A Replicoid then appears, restores Thor’s health as well as Mjolnir, then transports him to Earth. In Asgard, the Demons of Death begin their assault.


reprinted in "Thor - Alone against the Celestials" (ISBN: 0-87135-934-0), the last Page is not in the Paperback

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