Quote1.png Something is different about you, thunder god! You seem to lack the strength and determination of our previous encounter! Perhaps you have finally accepted the utter futility of your position! In any event, I fear that you are no longer worthy of my personal attention! ... Rejoice, warriors of Seth! The Odinson has finally fallen! Victory is ours!! Quote2.png
-- Grog

Appearing in "Into the Realm of Death--!"

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Synopsis for "Into the Realm of Death--!"

On Earth, Hogun has recovered and been released into Thor’s custody. With the help of Earth Force, they trick Grog into taking them to Seth’s dimension. But Seth has already begun his assault of Asgard itself, and Balder has no choice but to use the Celestial Siphon to drain Thor’s powers into himself. Which leaves Thor helpless before Grog and Seth’s army.

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