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Synopsis for "This World is Mine!"

Thor agrees to help Prince Zalaski overthrow Juggernaut. Thor battles Juggernaut and sends Mjolnir circling the castle, cutting off Juggernaut’s force field, making him vulnerable. But before Thor can deliver the final blow, sixty seconds expire, and with Mjolnir’s return, Juggernaut’s force field is back. Thor then uses Mjolnir to send Juggernaut to another asteroid in deep space, while Excalibur captures Zalaski, ensuring that the people can now choose their own future. The rest of the Wrecking Crew attempt to free the Wrecker, but are confronted by the Ghost Rider, and Mephisto. Once back on Earth, Eric is confronted by Susan and Jerry, who reveal they know his secret.


  • Cover art is a homage to the cover of Thor #126 (March 1966).

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