Quote1.png Loki considers himself a master dissembler -- and he is -- compared to all save Mephisto! Quote2.png
-- Mephisto

Appearing in "The God, the Ghost, and the Guilty!"

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Synopsis for "The God, the Ghost, and the Guilty!"

Wrecker is determined to destroy Ghost Rider, and then Mephisto. Loki visits Mephisto and is shown the face on the Soul Shroud and they strike a bargain. Jerry and Susan think Eric has a drinking problem. Loki manipulates things to bring Thor, Ghost Rider, and the Wrecking Crew together. Loki wants to reclaim the Asgardian energy from the Wrecking Crew. Leena consoles Susan and tells her how to win Eric. Loki steals the energy from everyone but Wrecker, and he knocks him unconscious and takes him. Mephisto views the finished Soul Shroud with the face of Thor on it.

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