Appearing in "The Warriors Three Die At Dawn!"

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Synopsis for "The Warriors Three Die At Dawn!"

Amora brought Heimdall to a healer to see if he could help, and she overhears the announcement that the Warriors Three will die at dawn for treason. In Hell, Mephisto tells Sif, Eric, and Balder the truth of the entire scheme. Having learned that he was destined to die, Loki goes to Mephisto with a plan. He will goad Thor into killing him, but his soul went into Odin during the Odinsleep, causing Odin’s soul to go into the Soul Shroud. The Warriors Three are led to the executioner, but they are rescued by Amora. After being spirited away, she tells them that it is Loki who now resides in Odin, and rules Asgard.

Appearing in "As My Dreams Lay A'dying"

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Synopsis for "As My Dreams Lay A'dying"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • In this comic, a character is identified as Brunnhilde the Valkyrie, but she looks more similar in features and uniform to Hildegarde the Valkyrie.

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