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Quote1.png Sweet Thor, 'tis truly wonderful to have thee home again. To have thee whole again. To be imprisoned within a Mortal's Body. I can't imagine the like... Quote2.png
Lady Sif

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Synopsis for "Fragments"

Since his return, Thor has been in twelve bar brawls, and is sorely troubled. He leaves Sif, and meets a strange Valkyrie. Thor tells Odin that he feels fractured and no longer is sure who he is. A mortal named Don Blake, an alien warrior named Beta Ray Bill who possesses a part of him, trapped in a mortal Eric Masterson, he is just bits and pieces. Odin gives him a ship, and tells him to seek his answer among the stars, and to find himself. He leaves alone, but he is not alone, the Valkyrie has joined him.


  • Contains a preview page for the upcoming Blood and Thunder-Crossover with Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock

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