Quote1 Soon. Soon all this will be finished. This distraction, this Goddess, this crusade -- all gone. All will be as it was. And I will again have the undivided attention of mighty Thor. Quote2
-- Valkyrie (Thor's Madness Embodied)

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Synopsis for "Descent"

After his battle with Drax, Thor finds himself in the Dark Valkyrie’s castle. There she convinces him it’s not enough to declare himself free of Asgard’s yoke, he must raze Asgard itself to the ground. In Olympus, Sif fights Pluto to determine who speaks the truth. Using the Norn Stones, she gets to Ares and convinces him to tell the truth, that it was them who ambushed Thor. Vindicated, Sif convinces Zeus to give her three days to find a cure for Thor, then he will inform Odin of his son's madness. In the Valkyrie’s castle, Thor follows her down a spiraling staircase into darkness.


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