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During the battle, some civilians get hurt and while Thor is distracted, High Evolutionary sucker punches him. They all then transport to the High Evolutionary’s underground base. In Asgard, Vizier, Balder, and Sif are breaking Odin’s edict that Midgard is off limits, and viewing Thor. They then check on Ymir and Surtur in the Sea, and discover that they are both moving, and still fighting over Twilight. When Thor wakes up, High Evolutionary tells him of Nobilus and the New Men’s and New Immortal’s treachery, and he escaped to Earth. There, he crashed into a prison vehicle, and recovered the bodies. He then went on to create more New Men, but decided to create Godlings to replace them. He invited Thor to join them when they return to Transia to restore Wundagore, but the New Men will not be coming with them. Overhearing, the New Men are met by Karnivore.

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