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Synopsis for "Survival of the Fiercest"

High Evolutionary, Thor, and the Godpack return to Wundagore, and are attacked by soldiers of Transia, who want Wundagore for themselves. They wasily beat the soldiers and take them hostage against future attacks. Inside, High Evolutionary adds three more to the Godpack – Anak, Riger, and Zefra. But elsewhere, Karnivore is watching over a vicious battle among the Animutants, formerly the New Men, where savagery and brutality are prized. Thor begins to feel alienated from the Godpack and wanders off. He discovers a cave, and inside is an immobile Don Blake, in a pose of striking a cane against a rock. He awakens and sees Thor, thinking he’s someone from a costume party, and the boulder and stick are gone. They hear a loud explosion, and going to investigate, discover the Animutants attacking. Thor joins the battle, helping to turn the tide. Karnivore has his ace in the hole though, he’s kidnapped Jane Foster. Thor manages to save her, and begins to beat on Karnivore, driving him off. But Jane is concerned for someone in the wreckage, her son Jimmy. She is shocked to see Thor and Don Blake side by side. High Evolutionary asks the Animutants to forgive him and return to Wundagore. Thor also decides to stay and changes into a new costume.

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