Quote1.png Where is it written we can't change sides? You're our weak link, Evolutionary -- developing new races for the benefit of an Earth that doesn't deserve them! You create so-called gods -- but Nobilus and company offered me the chance to act like one! Gods don't serve -- they rule! And the New Immortals intend to rule with an iron hand! Quote2.png
-- Luminor

Appearing in "Long Day's Journey Into Mystery"

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Synopsis for "Long Day's Journey Into Mystery"

Thor, Don, Jane, the High Evolutionary, and the Godpack head into space to confront the New Immortals and the New Men, but first they are attacked by the Kronans, who were sent by the New Immortals. Sif and Red Norvell talk and she tells him she can never love him, so he wants to be her friend. They are attacked in space, and forced to split up and continue in separate shuttles. Don begins to feel pain and Thor goes to help him, when he vanishes into Blake. Their shuttle is pulled to an asteroid where they are ambushed by New Men and New Immortals, who reveal their plan. They have changed the Analyzer into Deux Ex Machinea, who will transmit an electronic pulse that will devastate the Earth, so they can rule what’s left. They begin to battle, and Thor manages to free himself from Blake, who turns out to be some sort of mystic construct. They begin to battle anew, but they are sorely outnumbered, so Thor devises a plan. He goes to the netherrealm and frees Loki to help. Thor returns, but he is struck from behind by a traitor, Luminor. Unfortunately, you can’t trick the trickster. The Thor that was struck down was really Loki, and the tide is turned, they defeat Nobilus, the New Immortals, and the New Men, and then destroy Deus Ex Machina. Loki reveals that Thor promised to never interfere with him again as long as he does not threaten Earth, and then leaves.

Appearing in "As Shadows Gather..."

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Synopsis for "As Shadows Gather..."

In Asgard, Odin orders the Warriors Three to head out into the wilds and refresh and renew themselves. They do so, but Hildegund is upset that Volstagg is never at home. While they are away, they fight a dragon and defeat it. But before they kill it, Odin appears and stops them, revealing that it was all a test. When they return to Asgard, Odin notices the tension between the two and moves to reconcile them.

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