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Quote1.png So, Malekith -- you marvel at that which I have called from the netherworld. For know you -- that Kurse is now become the overlord of both Hel and Niffleheim! 'Tis thus within my power to summon up the late gargantuan entity known as -- The Midgard Serpent! Quote2.png
Kurse to Thor believing that he is Malekith

Appearing in "The Coming of Kurse!"

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Synopsis for "The Coming of Kurse!"

Thor and Sif stop a bank robbery, and appear to be gaining celebrity status. In Asgard, Kurse beats his way past Heimdall, and plunges all the way down to Hel, where he demands Malekith. Hela tries to stop him but to no avail, and he beats her easily becoming the new master of Hel. Lorelei tells him that Malekith escaped to Earth, and he takes her there. Once there, Kurse sees Thor as Malekith and begins to attack him. As the new master of Hel and Niffleheim, Kurse calls forth dead monsters to destroy the one he believes to be Malekith.

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