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Quote1.png Know you, harbingers of Hel, that there are now other gods on Earth besides those of human antiquity! Now there is also -- THE GODPACK -- under the command of The High Evolutionary! Quote2.png
-- The High Evolutionary

Appearing in "Hel on Earth!"

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Synopsis for "Hel on Earth!"

Thor and Sif facing off against Asgard's monsters

Thor and Sif battle Kurse’s monsters, until they are joined by High Evolutionary and the Godpack. But they are still not making much progress, and Thor is swallowed by Jormungand. In Asgard, Odin watches the battle, then leaves. Vizier, Bill, Balder, and the Warriors Three come out of the shadows, and agree to go to Midgard to help. After Vizier sends them, Odin comes back and reveals that he knew they would go and planned it.

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