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Quote1.png I, Thor, god of thunder, do swear to serve and to guard you till time's end -- so long as you do not again set foot on Earth, or dispatch your minions there! Quote2.png
-- Thor to Hela

Appearing in "Hel and High Water"

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Synopsis for "Hel and High Water"

Hulk agrees to enter Hel and return with Thor. On Earth, Riger realizes that Jane is really Malekith, and he fills in the rest of his escape story, then flees. He thinks he’s eluded them, but he can never escape Kurse. Kurse beats on him mercilessly, until he is stopped by Sif, who begs him to return Malekith to Hel in exchange for Thor’s freedom. In Hel, Hulk and Thor continue their battle, destroying much of Hela’s kingdom, until Kurse arrives with Malekith. Hela agrees to let them all go. After returning to Earth, Thor decides that he will stay on Earth, but will leave the Godpack and go his own way. Sif tells him that even though she loves him, she is a stranger on Earth, and will return to Asgard.

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