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Quote1.png Ya don't honor someone's memory by giving up on yer own life! You ain't the only one who misses Thunderstrike! I do, too! Quote2.png
-- Crusher Creel

Appearing in "Against the Dying of the Light!"

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Synopsis for "Against the Dying of the Light!"

Thor storms Asgard, demanding answers for the death of Eric Masterson. Odin hurls him to Earth to resume his exile. While unconscious, Thor recounts his adventures with Eric. He comes to and flies to Eric’s grave and finds Crusher Creel there, and he immediately attacks him. In Asgard, Sif grieves for the loss of Eric as well. Thor eventually spots the card on the grave from Creel, and stops fighting. Creel leaves and Thor begs Odin for an answer and is enlightened that Eric was as free as Thor himself and accepted his path. Thor flies off, remembering his friend fondly.

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